Spiced Carrot & Beetroot cake

I’ve told you before how my favourite cake of the moment is the red velvet cake with beetroot. I didn’t realise how common this combination was until I tried to find a beetroot cake that didn’t use chocolate. Well, my mum doesn’t like the texture – and I have been baking this cake quite a lot recently. Only when I got to pages 3 & 4 of my search results did I find something that wasn’t chocolate.

I chose this recipe from my home harvest.

Typical me, I tried to turn a gluten and dairy free recipe into one that contained both.

I have included only bits of recipe from where I have differed from the original.

I used:
150g grated carrot/150g chopped cooked beetroot
2 eggs (wheat based cakes tend to require less egg to bind them)
100g melted butter
40g brown rice flour – I wanted to get that slight crunchy edge that the rice flour gave my gluten free red velvet cake.
130 g plain flour
6 tablespoons milk

It looked like there was hardly any flour in the bowl, so I was a bit overly generous. Since I was down an egg, I upped the moisture level by two extra tablespoons of milk to compensate.

My efforts were not helped by the fact that the cake was put into an oven that for the first 20 minutes was at a lower temperature than specified.


Carrot, beetroot cake mark 1

Cooked for 20 minutes at 140 deg C, then 40 minutes at 200 deg C.

So I cooled the cake on the rack, removed the baking paper, and stuck it into my cake carrier.

The cake was eaten the next day. Imagine my surprise that when it was sliced open, there were green bits visible.

“Oh! Did you put pistachios in the cake?”

Uh, no.

It turns that sunflower seeds contain chlorophyll, which with the addition of baking powder (tick), turn green. It also turns out that I forgot the vanilla essence. Next time.

So I made it again a few days later. Mark 2:

Carrot, beetroot and coconut cake

This time I remembered the vanilla essence. Instead of sunflower seeds, I actually had walnuts. Instead of 50/50 beetroot and walnut mixture, I used my stick blender’s chopping attachment on the beetroot and carrot, and a 75/25 ratio. I also cooked it at the correct temperature. See how the top has sort of caramelised and gone sticky? My mum preferred mark 1, and my sister preferred mark 2. Can’t please everyone!


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