Spring has sprung, the plants have riz

Spring in Australia is scheduled to start right on 1 September. Like clockwork. This post covers September/October 2014. It has not been like clockwork.


Spring asparagus (in September), about 20 spears
Strawberries. Yup, I didn’t get rid of the 4 year old strawberry plants. Sorry.
One overcooked radish. I was supposed to harvest in August and I got it in September. The inside went a bit fragmented and soggy. I’ve taken to writing on the plant ID tags the anticipated harvest date.
Parsley, coriander, thyme, oregano, rosemary, nasturtium flowers and rocket.

Snowpeas – you turn your back, and they come from nowhere. They’re like triffids.

Spring snowpeas
Sweet potato – this one I harvested in Winter. It was a 1kg monster. No wonder it’s so cheap in the shops.

Monster sweet potato

Planted & Achieved:
Finally planted my columnar apple nearby to the other columnar apple that I planted last year.
Planted corn and tomato plants. I didn’t have time to grow from seed, so I planted seedlings.

South facing garden bed

What does the garden look like?
Cherry tree:

Cherry Blossoms

The cherry tree did not spring into blossom until much later in September than all the others in the neighbourhood. So there is hope for Operation Chill after all…Hopefully now that I’ve got the bees, I’ll get some cherries this year. I have to tell you though, I’ve only seen one bee hanging around the cherry flowers. There seem to be better pickings further afield.

Banana plant:

Banana and apples

I managed not to kill this one over winter, although I’ve had a red hot go. You can see the newly planted companion columnar apple in front of it.

Asparagus patch:

Asparagus patch in spring

I found out this year that I was supposed to let the spears go to ferns for the first two years. Also that I was supposed to fertilise in autumn. Ooops.

Anonymous Citrus
Anonymous citrus

Still riddled with citrus leaf miner. Now I have the bees, I can’t spray anything to try and get rid of it. Should’ve done something over winter, except that citrus leaf miner is dormant then and it wouldn’t have worked. The more I think about it, I think it’s an orange. It smells like my neighbour’s orange blossoms, and it’s just gone mad with the flowers.

Next season?

Hopefully now that I’ve got the bees, I’ll get better pollination of the fruit and veg. I should also STOP planting tomatoes. Sigh. There’s just so many plants in that family that I like to eat, but crop rotation just no worky for me. I have been planting peas/beans in winter, but it’s probably not enough.

I had meant to plant the frangipani pot plant – I still haven’t. Can’t do it in summer. So I have to wait another year.

So, dear reader, what have you been up to in your garden?


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