Operation Chill: The rundown

In Australia, the season of spring starts on 1 September. So spring has definitely sprung.

But I think it sprung a while ago.

Two months of winter gone, and I’ve come to the conclusion that operation chill probably won’t work.

This is what Winter looked like:

Chill hours 2014

These are the cumulative chill hours recorded at a nearby weather station. From about mid-August it started to rain. Overnight cloud keeps us all warmer overnight – like a blanket – so the temperatures don’t drop as low as hey could.

I didn’t include June because it was cold overnight for most of the month except for the last few days.

Only 180 odd chill hours recorded so far, and I was trying to get to 700.

500m2 suggested that the warm May was the problem.

I was more focused on June, but she’s right. On current averages, I need five months of a Sydney ‘winter’.

The cherry tree hasn’t yet blossomed, so there may still be hope.

Or perhaps the cherry tree needs to fly west for winter holidays.

Other suggested backup plans included:
a) Genetically engineer cherry tree to be less fussy (yeah… if I could get my paws on one of the Minnie Royals!)
b) Move to Melbourne


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  1. […] didn’t bother with the ice this year; we had some frosts right at the start of May. It seems to have worked – I counted […]


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