Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens

Recently rebranded as the Blue Mountains Botanical Gardens, I have driven past many times but never stopped to have a look see. Today was the day!

This juncture between winter and spring means Daffy’s!

There was a really lovely daffodil ‘lawn’ set out to the north east of the visitors centre. Lots of little clumps of different daffodil types. My favourite, perhaps because I hadn’t seen them before were these:

Daffodil My Gracious

Narcissus ‘My Gracious’

An early season, unregistered, large cupped cultivar from the J.N, Hancock & Co. nursery of Victoria, Australia. First recorded as flowering in 1976.

The nicest bit was walking out to the observation deck and seeing the staggering view over Bowens Creek across to Mount Wilson, down to Wheeny Gap and the shade sails of Bilpin. Fabulous.

Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens

I really enjoyed wandering through the gardens and watching the birds flitting about. This, I later found out was Erichum:


In the same family as the weed Patterson’s Curse. The photo does not do it justice. The bird’s were having a party in it.

I didn’t take any photos, but it was very peaceful walking amongst the the cedars, pines, junipers and a large redwood planted in world war two. That nice ‘pine-like’ scent permeated the air, which I haven’t really smelled since Yosemite or the Rose Mountains of Nevada. Yum!

Next time I visit, I shall have to make space in my tummy for the onsite restaurant that’s now run by a former Sydney high flying chef.


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