Laksa King, Flemington Melbourne

It was birthday boy’s choice, and he chose Laksa King. Luckily we booked, because it was three deep getting in. There were four sets of queues in the milling throng: those waiting for their booked table, those who hadn’t booked waiting on a table, those waiting to make their takeaway order, and those waiting for their ordered takeaway. The fact that it was a freezing cold winter night did not help, and everyone was huddled inside trying to keep warm.

We ordered:
– crispy baby chicken (a successful up sell by the waitress $16.80)
– roti chanai with beef rendang and one extra roti ($16.30)
– chicken curry and rice ($17.8)
– special crispy fish laksa ($12.20)
– nasi goreng ($10.50)
– chicken laksa ($9.80)
– Assam laksa ($11.50)

I also ordered cendol ($5.50), which was listed on the dessert menu. I thought it would be a nice refreshing drink to steer me through all the curries.
“Are you sure you want it first?” Asks the waitress.
“Yes” I say in blithe ignorance.

Today’s cendol is served….

In a shallow dish. Suitable for dessert. Whoops.

But it is cooling for the heat that follows.

Laksa King

The extra roti turns up first, naked, without anything to dip it into. We hoe in anyway. The roti is crispy and flakey, but also on the oily side. My first impression of the beef rendang is how salty it is. The beef falls apart as you scoop it up.

The nasi lemak looks like fried rice. The fried egg, instead of being served on top has been mixed throughout.

The coconut milk laksas all taste the same. The special crispy fish one has been dipped in batter, deep fried and then added to the laksa soup. It reminds me of the fish from M & J Thai.

Assam Laksa:

Laksa King - Assam Laksa

Unfortunately, the Assam laksa is disappointing. The waitress double checks that i have had it before (yes), before writing it down. It has a very strong pervading odour of fish, and the taste is muddy. The noodles are thick white wheat noodles: almost like udon. The woody stems of Vietnamese basil have been diced finely and placed on top as a garnish – it takes me a while to identify the familiar taste. I am the only one on the table of 8 who even dares to try it, the smell is too off putting.

The crispy skin baby chicken is a gem, and well worth ordering again.

To cleanse the palate, we order two mango custards to share. I forgot to take a picture, so I have drawn you one:

All I could think was: How westernised it looks. It tasted like a combination a mango and cream jelly.

The total bill was $150 for 8, including 5 beers and 3 desserts.

I may return to get another serve of that crispy baby chicken, but only after they reorganise the entryway. I felt very unsafe with the crush of people at the front entry, I really felt that if there was a fire or any sort of emergency, we would not have be able to escape.

Laksa King
street: 6/10-12 Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington VIC 3031 (opposite Newmarket station)
phone: 61-3-9372-6383
Lunch Everyday: 1130 – 1500
Mon – Thu: 1700-2200
Fri – Sat: 1700-2230
Sunday: 1700-2200


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