Caysorn Thai, Haymarket

I was in the Ultimo area for work, and it was time to have lunch. I had in mind a thai restaurant on a particular street, but when I searched the internet, I found something so much better.

Caysorn Thai had a rating of 92% likes on urbanspoon, it served southern style Thai food, it was closer than ‘Thaitown’, so why not?

Caysorn Thai, Haymarket

At 1230, the place was about 1/4 full and looked a lot classier than the places downstairs with the barkers* out front, and it had an interesting looking menu. They have boat noodle soup… Normally my favourite to order, but there were so many other choices.

I settled upon Eggplant salad ($14.90):

Caysorn Thai - eggplant salad

It looks like broth surrounding the edges, but instead it was a mouth puckeringly sour sauce. This was almost like a thai version of ceviche – with delicate sliced pieces of calamari and prawn. The eggplant was mouthwateringly soft and unctuous. The dish has finely sliced pieces of match stick thin boiling hot chilli – I had to pick these out so I didn’t accidentally eat them. The dish was hot enough for me. I think I picked it because I hadn’t seen it on a menu before, and because of the egg.

Chicken chilli basil ($12.50):

Caysorn Thai - chilli basil

I’m used to this dish arriving with a fried egg that has a barely cooked yolk. You can mush the rice into the egg. This looks very plain by comparison: but the dish contained a lot of the matchstick thin chillies, this time in green. My dining companion says that the dish did contain a lot of chilli, but was very tasty indeed.

I had to have something to cool myself down, so I ordered Thai milk tea ($3.50):

Caysorn Thai - milk tea

Instead of straight ice cubes, there are little ball bearings of ice. It’s almost like a slushie.

I will have to return to investigate more options on the menu. I later found out that they were listed in the cheap eats guide (good food under $30) with two stars in 2013. The opening description is: “A crash course in southern Thai food, it’s slap-in-the-face hot, sour, spice-driven and spiked with contrasts in texture, mixing fresh with fermented ingredients.”
And with that, I heartily concur.

*barkers = spruikers = touts touting for business. Such an apt description.

Caysorn Thai
web:, menu available online.
street: Shop 106-108a, Level 1, 8 Quay Street, Haymarket
(the Burlington centre, take the escalator and then the stairs).
phone: 61-2-9211-5749
7 days: 1100-2200.


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