May in the Garden


Lilly pillies and onion weed

Lilly pillies, an Australian native fruit, but from H’s neighbour’s garden. Why? Because they were there. I then made a simple sugar syrup with them. It doesn’t really taste like much, but it is a pretty pink colour.

Lilly pilly sugar syrup

Onion weed – a unkillable pest that just multiplies and takes over the garden. You just can spray with glysophosphate, but I’m trying not to do that, so I just behead the seed heads and eat the flowers. They taste sweet and peppery.

One tiny yellow capsicum. The neighbour planted that for me.

Basil, thyme, kaffir lime leaf, mint, perilla.

Planted & Achieved:
I bagged the guava fruits which are developing, with as many bags as I have. Unfortunately, they may be fruit fly proof, but they don’t stop the lorrikeets/fruit bats from trying to eat the fruit from the outside. Their strong beaks are destroying the fruit bags.

Sprouting garlic. This year I will dig up the bulbs in spring, and see what I have. Last year I left the bulbs in the ground thinking that they would grow again this year. Then I found out later that this was bad and the garlic would’ve rotted in the ground. Whoops.

The capsicum that I thought was a chilli plant last year is still going, and has about 6 capsicum fruit.

One snow pea plant. It’s in the shadiest part of the garden. I don’t expect much from it – I’ve killed everything else off or the snails have eaten all the other plants.

What does the garden look like?
I am proudest of this:

Kaffir lime - May 2014

kaffir lime! I’m growing three fruits! I was fretting a bit about the unstoppable citrus leaf miner, when I spotted these beauties. Aren’t they handsome? Yes, I know, my clay filled soil has some kind of vitamin deficiency. That would be why the leaves have yellow bits.

Banana plant:

Banana tree - May 2014

Getting bigger, it’s probably about 1m tall now, and taking over the patch. The summer heat, although it has crisped the leaves, doesn’t seem to have down it much harm. In the back, behind the mad daisy bush, you can just see one of the columnar apples.

Asparagus patch:
Asparagus patch - may 2014

This is probably where I’ll move both columnar apples to. I have been a little hesitant about planting anything here, because cucumbers and geraniums have suffered from powdery mildew in this location. The rosebush also suffers from black spot. The asparagus is lovely, and I have yet to harvest from the rhubarb. I think this crown was planted last winter, so I need to wait another year before harvest.

Next season?

Since the banana plant is taking over, I think I’m going to have to move the columnar apple tree that I planted last season, so I can plant the other columnar right next to it.

I’m going to plant the frangipani pot plant – I’ve decided to put the *hopefully* apricot coloured one in the ground.

Cutback the asparagus patch.

Harvest Guavas – they’re getting pretty close. I haven’t quite decided what to do with them this year, I’m tossing up between making a fruit leather (dried fruit roll up), and a juice. I’m after something with the least amount of processing and work.


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