Mindfulness in May

Work has been a little stressful of late. So when I saw a poster for Global Endeavour Mindful in May during April, I signed up straight away.

Mindful in May

Global meditation, resulting in clean waterwells and possibly an increase in global happiness? What’s not to like?

Except my time of stress was scheduled to complete at the end of April (yeah right), and this meditating/mindfulness thingo was supposed to start in May.

As a stop gap I decided to commence practicing yoga on a daily basis until May – with practice rate of 6 out of 7 days on a rolling average just to cover me on those off days when I just could not get out of bed or I was too busy to fit yoga in for that day.

My goals for May:

1.       Meditate/yoga on a daily basis, with 6 days out of 7 on a rolling average
2.       Be more mindful
3.       Stop swearing like a trooper

Today, we are nearly halfway through the program. And how have I been tracking?

So far:

Well, I have completely sucked at the daily meditation. This is mainly because I am meditation averse – my mind just wanders. This is why I nominated yoga or mediation as my daily activity.

However, I have been practising yoga  daily for the past four weeks – except for 3 non consecutive days when I couldn’t fit it into my morning routine, but then I managed to fit a small yoga session in at the end of that day. Sunday was the first day that I *ahem* participated in the meditation business (after about 30 minutes of yoga), and it was pretty good. My mind did wander, but I managed to doze off towards the end.

Mindfulness – not so good. I am just so used to the “multitasking” oxymoron that I feel as though I am being inefficient if I am not sewing and watching the idiot box at the same time. But I’m trying to improve that, and just enjoy the moment.

Swearing – well yes. I failed on the first day. But since then I have tried to think before I speak. However, I do note that sometimes an emphatic swear is a good stress relief.

How about you dear reader? Have you tried to start a new activity or practice? Are you being #mindfulinmay?

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