Cafe Sopra/Fratelli Fresh, Alexandria

Let’s meet up after our respective works!
Middle of nowhere?

And thus we met at Cafe Sopra in Alexandria.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the first thing my eye is drawn to the cocktail menu ($14.50).

Campari Con Limone:

Campari con limone

Campari, lemon, lime, grapefuit juice. It is bitter with the campari, but I like it. I keep topping it up with water as is my habit, so much so, that the waitress is concerned that I don’t like my cocktail.

We’re so busy catching up, we forget to look at the menu. Then we plead 5 minutes extension as we focus. We decide to share and order light so that we have space for dessert.

Arancini with salad cream ($18):


This was a last minute order, and the tiny golf ball sized bites of arrancini arrived seconds later. I like that these were small, too often the large ones can get very gluggy. The whole lot was sprinkled with shavings of cheese. I ate mine plain, or with a squeeze of lemon. I tried the salad cream (which I thought at the time may have been mayonnaise or aioli), but it wasn’t too my taste.

Orichette with lamb’s neck, carrots and peas ($23):

Lamb's neck orichette

“The whole chain has got great pasta”.
I was a bit wary of ordering something that had “carrots and peas” in the title, but this dish was beautiful. There was a little pool of ‘lamb juice’ in the base of the dish, and the peas were big and juicy and freshly shelled. The little ears of pasta were like little clouds, and perfect carriers for the dish. The lamb had been marinated or slow cooked in something as the meat was quite dark.

Green bean salad with lentils and pickled beets ($20):
Green bean and lentil salad

Not a “big dish”, but a filling dish. I liked. It was more of a “lentil salad with a garnish of green beans”, than the other way around. I don’t think the beets were pickled, just cooked. You got lovely little ‘crunches’ of salt that been sprinkled throughout. A nice touch were the toasted blanched almonds.

I’m going to have to make this dish at home sometime because I really like it in its simplicity and tastiness.

The waitress steers us away from the banoffee pie – perhaps because it’s such a large serving and many people have the remainder take away, or perhaps banoffee pie is so 2009.

Instead, we were steered towards the Passionfruit and Mango Meringata ($15.50):

Mango and passion fruit meringata

A modified eaton mess, the meringue is almost chalky and not too sweet. There isn’t too much cream, and the whole thing is delightfully moreish. I wonder how long this dish will remain on the menu, because summer – along with the fruits of passionfruit and mango have long gone.

I like this new location over the waterloo location because:

-there’s pizza
-there’s parking
-there’s late night (for Sydney) openings.

I’m keen to see the differences between the summer/winter menus are. Next time!

Cafe Sopra/Fratelli Fresh Alexandria
street: 52 Mitchell Rd, Alexandria, Sydney NSW 2015
phone: 61-2-8399-4777
Mon – Fri: 1200 – 1500
Mon Fri: Bar/Pizza Menu 1500 – 1800
Mon – Fri Dinner: 1800-2200
Sat-Sun: 1200-2200


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