Room 10, Potts Point

Leaving Sydney town early one morning, and I needed to find a breakfast place that was open super early so I could hit the road by 7.15. Room 10 provided the answer – they open at 7am, and you can get food takeaway.

I chose to get Breakfast Rice ($12), and a soy coffee ($4.5).

This was handily presented in a two cup cardboard carrier, with a spoon telling me which one to eat:

Takeaway times two

It looks so pretty, and smells really yummy. I think it was the vanilla.

The menu describes the breakfast rice as: “Creamed red rice, black quinoa, toasted walnuts, pepitas & sunflower seeds served with fresh fruit, stewed rhubarb, natural yogurt, breakfast dukkah and honey”

This is what my tastebuds told me:

Breakfast rice

First up, I get an unexpected hit of cumin. The ‘rice’ bit includes brown rice, vanilla seeds, red quinoa, poppyseeds, shredded apple, almonds, walnuts, pistachio, sunflower seeds, and a sliced piece of dried peach. This is topped with yoghourt, nigella seeds, banana, fig and strawberries. I could see this being a regular dessert-y snack, the fruit topping and yoghourt makes it lovely and sweet, but not overpowering.

The coffee was good, well put together, and made awake enough to hit the road. Perfect!

Room 10
street: 10 Llankelly Pl, Sydney NSW 2011
phone: 0425 810 174
M-F: 0700-1600
S-S: 0800-1600


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