March in the garden

March in the garden

Planted successfully: queen squash, snow peas, Jon quills
Planted unsuccessfully: broccoli – still no seedlings, two weeks on.

Harvested: perilla, sweet potato greens, basil, some late asparagus

Activities: I had some rosemary in a styrofoam box, and it was not happy. Becoming a bit root bound, and only getting the early morning sun, so I moved it. Finally. Into the sport recently filled by a large gardenia. The rosemary’s got a wall now which can help keep it warm, and the sun stays on it until at least midday.

In other news to report I tried a beer trap to catch the snails and slugs. I was amazed by its success: the first night, the snails were falling over themselves for the beer, even crawling down the neck of the bottle which I had left in the garden.
Unfortunately, it was a one time limited edition beer from when I completed a mountain bike race, seven years ago.

Planned next: I want bees. But I also hope to be harvesting snow peas, and planting a cutting of Vietnamese mint and rice paddy herb I bought from a shop.


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