M & J Thai Cuisine, Parramatta

Parramatta’s Woolpack was one of the first ten hotels licensed in Australia by Governor Phillip, in May 1796.

That makes it Sydney’s longest continuously licensed pub. There are other pubs which possibly have been upstarting longer, but perhaps they weren’t licensed. It started off as the Freemason’s arms in. M&J Thai operates the restaurant inside the pub.

After an event at the new music venue: the Lennox Theatre inside the Riverside Theatre, we decided to try some Thai food.

I was super excited to discover they had traditional beef noodle soup, or boat noodle soup. I have yet to work out how to make this dish.

Beef noodle soup ($10.90):

Beef Noodle Soup

Served with rapidly disintegrating pieces of pork crackling. This had a strong cinnamon and star anise flavour, and a sweet/sour after taste. It had a little hit of chilli and was good to the last drop.

Duck noodle soup ($13.90):

Duck Noodle Soup

Very similar to the beef noodle soup, I’m sure that they use the same stock base. This had shredded pieces of roast duck instead of the beef. I had this dish on a different night, and so I think the stock base had been prepared differently to the beef soup base. This one seemed less complex and I found it a bit to sweet and same-y towards the end of the bowl.

Fried rice with crab meat ($10.90):

Fried rice
Gut sticker dish. I had trouble finding evidence of crab, but perhaps my dining partner had scarfed it before I got to the dish.

I like this place. You can get a whole range of beer or cider with your meal, and they have boat noodle soup. There is also a roti pancake on the desert menu which I’ll have to come back for.

M & J Thai Cuisine
Wool Pack Hotel
street: 19 George Street, Parramatta NSW 2150
web: http://woolpackhotel.com.au/parramattadining.htm
phone: +61-2-9633-9394
Mon-Sat: 1200-1500, 1700-2100
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays.


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