N2 extreme gelato, Haymarket

I remember when this building has just been constructed, and the shops were empty. So much so that a regular night time tai chi class started up underneath the length of awning.

Now, there is definitely no time for tai chi. Instead there are lots of cuisines touting their wares – including Thai, Indonesian, uighur, and ice cream made to order using liquid nitrogen. It’s just like being in uni again.

I remember making icecream in a similar fashion at a friend’s house during that time, using some liquid nitrogen that a chemistry student had borrowed from the lab. I believe it was chocolate.

Magicians at work:

N2 Gelato

The flavours keep changing – and there are two blackboards at the back which list all the flavours they’ve ever dreamed up. This was the first flavour board.

N2 Gelato Flavour Board

Vanilla is called “very boring vanilla”. Tee Hee.

The night that I visit, the choices include
– Turkish apple
– salty buttered corn
– Gimme S’mores
– cookies and cream
– pina colada

How could I not? I chose the buttered corn:

Buttered Corn

The gelato is not as sweet as expected, and the corn is fresh – which gradually turn into little frozen nuggets. It is very creamy though – perhaps it comes from the buttering of the corn. Although it is a warm night, it seems to melt quicker than I’m used to. The serving is US sized – or about 1.5 normal scoops for $6. That’s really all you need, but the size is perfect for sharing.

N2 Extreme Gelato
When: Mon-Sun 1300-2300.
street: 43/1 Dixon Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (off Goulburn Street)
web: n2extremegelato.com.au/


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