Spiced coffee and date loaf

I had a full bottle of pomegranate molasses leftover from making eggplant salad. A full bottle, yet I’ve only used one tablespoon.

So when I spotted this recipe for spiced coffee and date loaf in the good living liftout of the SMH, well, I had to tear it out and keep it. (Luckily they keep their recipes online, unlike the Sunday paper liftouts).

Here are my measured spices:

Coffee and date loaf - the spices

As you can see, I used whole cardamon seeds and cloves. I didn’t want to risk pounding them in my mortar and pestle, because I didn’t think I would be able to get a fine enough powder. So I used a loose tea infuser ball for my bouquet garni.

You can stew the date, coffee and molasses mixture the night before, because you are supposed to let it cool before using. I used decaffeinated coffee grounds so that you can eat this cake any time of day.

Coffee and date loaf - stewing

Instead of brown sugar, I used coconut sugar. I also added an extra teaspoon of ground cinnamon, because I didn’t think there was enough spice in the mixture. Additional ground ginger or glance ginger would also work well. I didn’t think that my cloves and cardamon were in the mixture long enough, but they did lend a bit of flavour.

If you make this into two cakes, as I did, don’t forget to reduce the cooking time. I made a square loaf and a mini bundt, and the bundt stayed a lot more moist because of less surface exposure to the oven’s air.

Coffee and date loaf

I quite like the end result. It was almost a sweet and sour cake with the sharpness of the molasses. It would also work quite well as an alternative Christmas cake because of the spices. It is refreshing to not have a cake which is cloying in its sweetness. Another plus: I only have half a bottle of pomegranate molasses left.

Add this one to the favourites!


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