November in the Garden

Sorry for lack of posting garden related posts. Life gets busy. I don’t operate well in the mornings, and if I garden in the mornings then I end up late for work.

Um. Basil? About 10 strawberries. Some Rainbow chard. About 20 spears of asparagus. Finished off the last of the snow peas.

Planted & Achieved:
Some “steppable” low growing ground covers. Pennyroyal, corsican mint (Mentha requeni), and pratia white. I’m hoping that these will do well in my heavy clay soil that gets a little morning sunlight.

The capsicum that I thought was a chilli plant last year is still going, and has about 6 capsicum fruit. This I grew from a store bought capsicum.

Tomatoes. Something a bit bigger than a cherry. My neighbour planted them whilst I was away on holidays.
Oregano. See above.

Parsnips. I should probably harvest these.

Corn! I planted some out of date baby sweet corn and got nothing. So then I planted some full sized corn next door, and it has taken, but it also looks like it is already forming heads – for a corn plant that’s about 30cm high!

What does the garden look like?

My anonymous citrus, planted in September 2012:

Anonymous Citrus

Look at the previous picture for where it used to be, and its former size. It’s gotten big! It is also growing some round fruit. I think it might be an orange.

My strawberry planter box:

Strawberry planter box

I bought these as a little seedling about three years ago. The yield has been small but steady. Unlike the free strawberry plants I got from a neighbour which have a larger, darker green leaf, but zero yield. You can also see some thyme and spring onion/scallions growing in the pot behind. My neighbour also planted the thyme.

South Facing Planter Box:

Corn and Basil

Here, I planted corn. Neighbour planted the basil. The capsicum is leftover from last year.

The old mint patch (west facing):

Old mint patch

Celery (leftover from last year) is still going. I add the leaves to salad. The sprawling thing just to the left of the middle is the sweet potato. You can eat the leaves. The mint is fighting back – you can see it at the front. And my tomatoes. Planted by my neighbour whilst I was on holidays. After I took this picture, I bagged the tomatoes with the fruit fly exclusion bags.

What would I do without her? I wouldn’t have anything in my garden!


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