Grub Food Van, Fitzroy

As I wandered disconsolately along Brunswick Street, bemoaning the heights from which the once great shopping destination had become, I spotted a little blackboard sign:

A sign

Lets’s follow it! About 20 metres on, there was a beautiful shiny airstream caravan, an edible garden and plastic play equipment. I had arrived at Grub Food Van’s permanent location.

Inside the big clear roofed conservatory were communal tables, big recycling style crates with drainage and water level indicators. Board games and table tennis are also available if you are feeling enthusiastic.

There is a nice selection of teas available, and I choose chai.
Grub's Chai

Lots of the items on the menu are ‘board’ based, like a modified ploughman’s lunch. A good sounding vegetarian, breakfast and kid’s platter selection. In the end, I choose a mushroom and prune ragout ($15) , with the addition of an egg (+$2).

The ragout:

Grub's Mushroom Ragout

The dish was a little bit oily, although I really enjoyed the sweetness that the caramelised prune brought to the dish. I should cook with prunes more, and not just eat them as a sweet snack. I love mushrooms, so I can never find fault with them. The parmesan polenta ‘crisp’ had an almost truffle like flavour – this could also be the unami like quality that a good aged cheese offers.

I found it was a strange contrast between the secondhand (‘found’) teacup and the ikea cutlery. When you head to the bathroom, there is a ‘couch’ made of milkcrates and nana’s knitted wraps in the corridor outside. Inside the bathroom, audiobooks play over the loudspeaker. enjoyable, but odd – how many hours are you expected to spend on the throne?

This will be a place that I’ll be returning to visit!

Grub's Decor

Grub Food Van
street: 87-89 Moor Street, Fitzroy 3065
Tue-Thu: 0800-1800
Fri-Sat: 0800-2000
Sun: 0800-1800
Closed Mondays


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