Fleetwood Macchiato, Erskinville

I was to drive into town for a meeting. So why not have breakfast beforehand?

The pre-visit recommendation for Fleetwood Macchiato was:

“The food at Fleetwood macchiato is very pretty! They also use bread and butter project bread. I think that you should go to Fleetwood.”.

I am partial to the bread from the bread and butter project: not only is their fruit and museli loaf the current favourite in my toaster, but they are actually teaching recent immigrants new skills and reinvesting the profits back into the project.

After a hectic drive into town, parking the car, I wandered up past the station and eventually found the place after a few frustrating minutes with my new phone refusing to tell me where I was, even though I had enabled the GPS.

Fleetwood macchiato

We had a scant 45 minutes to eat and make the train, so I was keen to order. The majority of the menu was vego, with the addition of eggs, bacon and morcilla.

I was tempted by the:
– Black beans with tarragon, burnt leeks, pickled red onion, shoots, chevre, mustard seeds (add morcilla or a poached egg), or
– Mushrooms, buckwheat, marigolds, shoots, juniper and pine butter, dill,

eventually settling for the beans beans with an extra side of morcilla (blood sausage), poached egg, and toast.

Here we go:

Black beans at Fleetwood macchiato

I really enjoyed this dish – it’s giving me some dinner ideas! The pickled onions gaven a nice hit of tartness to the beans. I think that the dish needed a touch of salt, or a wedge of lemon to squeeze over it.

The morcilla was served separately:

Morcilla at Fleetwood macchiato

The morcilla was delicous and rich – it even had the offal-avoider enjoying it. The egg was poached to perfection, so I could dip my toast soldiers into it.

We tried the multigrain and the (light) rye bread. The toast was cut into huge wedges, and wasn’t quite enough to share with the morcilla and beans. We asked for some jam, and chose a really fruity peach jam with huge pieces of fruit.

Here are the drinks, including my chai ($4.5):

Drinks at Fleetwood macchiato

Don’t buy a teapot like the one in this picture. I was not the first customer to tip my tea over the table – this teapot has a serious design flaw. Yummy, milky and lightly spiced. Next time I really should order this with the bonsoy soy milk, just so I don’t end up with a later belly ache.

As I was paying, I gave into temptation and bought one of their gluten free chocolate brownies ($5.5):

Brownie at Fleetwood macchiato

The top stayed crunchy throughout the day. It took me about two days to get through its rich chocolately goodness.

The total damage was $42.50 for two, including three drinks and a dessert.

Visiting the bathroom, I saw that there was a big kitchen out the back with something delcious simmering on the stove. My nose said stewed apples, but when I consulted with the staff, they were making a huge vat of jam. Having made jam myself – how can they make such large quantities (10 litres plus), whilst keeping the temperature high enough to remain sterile? Hmm….

A colleague later commented on the changing face of Erko: there used to be a really great deli who made their own pickles around about here. That would explain the extra kitchen out the back.

I’m going to have to come back!

Fleetwood Macchiato
street: 43 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville NSW 2043 ‎
web: http://fleetwoodmacchiato.tumblr.com/contact
phone: +61-2-9557-9291 ‎


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