Science fiction, double feature

I couldn’t believe it.

There was a ‘special feature’ in a newspaper article. Within the food section of this newspaper. It claimed to feature places where you could eat sustainable line caught fish, and good fish shops to purchase same for your own cooking.

It didn’t feature Merivale’s “the fish shop” in Potts Point, where I had recently tried.

Can I point out that the shop’s ethos is:

“Enjoy fresh, locally caught, mouth wateringly prepared fish…”,

and that the bio of the chef:

“… has such a strong passion for food and is renowned for using as much local produce as possible with a strict policy of never using seafood that is endangered or in short supply.”

Black mark 2 – this artice reckoned a certain shop* was really good – that the owner’s mission was to “present and supply the best seafood in suburban Sydney”. Utter rubbish. I’ve bought whole fish, fillets as well as oysters from there. The pre-shucked oysters had bits of shell in them. When I asked one worker if a certain fish was wild or farmed, the response was
“Huh? What’s that mean. I don’t know.”.

I only buy fish from there if my favourite haunt has already closed for the day, and I don’t have a choice.

This “article” really should have been subtitled “advertising feature”.

*name of certain shop not provided to save their face. Let’s just say they’re quite well known, and have a lot of outlets throughout Sydney.

This would be be sustainability equivalent of greenwashing or astroturfing. Faux-sustainability?



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  1. What newspaper was this? Sounds seriously dodgy…


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