Sweet potato rosti: genius or folly?

Whilst in the USA, I have tasted corned beef hash, which comes in a can. That had been so dreadfully salty: honestly, if you’re going to use that, you would need to add a lot more potato to reduce the amount of salt per serve.

I had also tried making hash as per the recipe in the Joy of Cooking, but I found that the potato  shreds did not stick together. If I used too much egg, then it tasted more eggy than I had wanted.

I had recently made some potato rosti using small chat potatoes, and I wondered if the same principle could be applied to sweet potatoes.

I thought that I could use some psyllium  as a non-egg binder because it tends to clump together, become sticky (mucilaginous) and expand when exposed to moisture.

What do you think, genius or folly?

I don’t think sweet potato has the same starch problem as potatoes do, so I didn’t soak the potatoes.


Coarsely grate sweet potato

If making potato rosti, include the following three steps:
Soak grated potato in water, drain
Soak overnight in a fresh batch of water
Drain before cooking onto some paper towels, pat dry

Combine in a bowl with  salt and pepper.
Approximately 1 teaspoon of psyllium per 100g of grated potato.
Heat up your fry pan to medium hot, coat with oil.
Place ‘clumps’ of grated sweet potato in pan, and then leave alone, flipping only once.

Sweet potato rosti - cooking

I found that the sweet potato tended to sag and recombine into a mush if you stirred it around. However, if you flash fry in a hot pan, the bottom strands are cooked as individual units and retain their crispiness.

Serve and eat whilst hot, or else they’ll go soggy.

Sweet potato rosti

Next time, I might try a combination of grated potato and grated sweet potato.

Verdict: Genius!


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