Penny Four’s, Leichhardt

Bright yellow welcoming interior. A lovely stained glass window opening to the kitchen out back.

Welcome to Penny Four’s.

penny fours

It is late in the day when we visit, and we are a little hungry.

We eyespyed a quiche, and we were off!

A warmed up sour cream, capsicum and silverbeet quiche ($5):

penny fours quiche

This was very rich with quite a strong capsicum flavour. This is a good one to share.

Peanut butter and jelly cup chocolate ($2), Chocolate & Hazelnut Cookie ($3.5), and Pear Tart ($6).

penny fours sweets

The pear tart has a wonderful crumbly shortcrust pastry. It is topped with slivered almonds. The pear is fresh, and surrounding jelly doesn’t have an overpowering sweet taste like some tarts can have.

I like the ‘peanut butter and jelly cup’ chocolate. The ‘jelly is raspberry based, and the peanut butter filling is nutty without being too rich or oily.

The chocolate hazelnut cookies look awesome. Almost like a roll of dark brown raw cookie dough which has been sliced into rounds, except cooked! The cookie is soft yet crunchy with pieces of chocolate and hazelnuts. Yum.

The door handle provides the final statement:
penny fours door

This little piggy’ll be back.

Penny Four’s Cafe
street: 141 Norton Street Leichhardt, NSW 2140
phone: 61-2-9572-8550
Tuesday-Sunday: 0830 till 1600.


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  1. […] was in Leichhardt, it was Monday, and Penny Four’s was shut. No chocolate hazelnut log for me. But a few doors down the hill was […]


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