West Juliett Cafe, Marrickville

It hadn’t rained in Sydney for two months. So of course the day I decide to take off and go cafe hopping, it has decided to rain. There are dark threatening looking clouds on the horizon as we head towards the Marrickville/Enmore divide.

West Juliett Cafe

West Juliett Cafe is located on a street just off the main thoroughfare of Edgeware road.

It’s a large corner terrace that used to be a grocery store which closed in the 1960s.

The inside is warm and welcoming with painted brickwork and a slick looking, open kitchen.

The brown paper menu shows lots of interesting dishes that are reasonably priced.

We pick sauteed mushroom, caraway, kasseri,herbs and burnt onions on toast ($12.9), with a side of baby spinach; also olive oil fried eggs with braised lentils, morcilla, rocket and parmesan ($14), with a side of avocado ($3.9).

The chai ($4.5) comes in a black metal cast-iron lookalike pot:


It is warming, but a little light on the spice for my taste. By the time the much requested honey arrives, we have sipped away almost the entire pot.

As much as I like the idea of the fresh fruit sodas on offer, I choose a plum and vanilla lassi ($5.9):


Little vanilla bean seeds are speckled throughout the glass. The plum adds a sweet and sour edge. The contents are frothy and quite light in texture. I wonder if this has been made with milk plus buttermilk or milk plus yoghurt?

Here are the mushrooms:

Silverbeet & Spinach

I love the grey/green speckled stoneware that this dish is served upon. The use of enamel tin plates is all the rage, but scraping more cutlery along enamel is akin to scraping nails down a blackboard. Eugh. and shudder. The mushrooms are delicious – and I think that they have been marinated in thyme, but it is not overpowering. These are a good ‘shroom.

Here are my olive oil fried eggs:


The yolks are still gooey and runny, so I busy myself making toast soldiers. Morchilla is a spanish ‘blood pudding’ sausage -yum. The puy lentils are dark and almost crunchy, as though in the pan frying process, some got deepfried. Were they fully cooked? I’m not sure. I’m glad that I got the extra avocado for the relief from crunching. I polished off the dish and enjoyed it very much.

West Juliett Cafe – a lovely addition to the Marrickville scene, with an interesting menu and reasonable prices.

West Juliett Cafe
phone: (02) 9519-0101
street: 30 Llewellyn Street, Marrickville, NSW 2204
web: https://www.facebook.com/westjuliettcafe
Mon-Sat: 0700 – 1600


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  1. Nice one Marrickville, finally a few good spots popping up. Love the look of that mushroom dish


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