August in the Garden

This winter – hasn’t. We are 75 days into Sydney’s “winter” (spring being a mere fortnight away) and I haven’t had a single frost in my garden. The nights certainly have been cold – getting down to about 3 degrees celsius (37.4 F). But during the day – it has been very warm and dry – almost like summer.

The guava season is at the tail end – I have maybe 10 fruits left bagged on the tree, and the tree is no longer doubled over with the weight of the fruit. I borrowed a garden vacuum/blower to try it out and I *hated* it. IT was heavy, noisy, and blew dust all over me. And it seemed to pick up more bits of leaves, twigs and dirt, rather than the seeds I was after. I think regular raking will be in order instead of the modern technology.

Here is a photo of my little farm fence around the garlic, complete with plastic animals:

Asparagus and Garlic Farm

Can you see my ASPARAGUS on the left? Boo yah! I just harvested four spears, and they are so sweet and delicious when raw, they may not make it to the steamer basket.

The little plastic animals seemed to have worked, the garlic has not been whippersnippered since the installation.
You can also see a bit of rainbow chard in the foreground, and some crazy lemongrass to the right of the rosebush.

Here is the newer north facing bed garden bed:

North bed - August

I have harvested eighteen snowpeas so far, and there seem to be at least fifteen more coming along. I had to refer back to my earlier April in the Garden post to work out what those leaves are at the front. Methinks I’m growing two parsnips!

I think I’ve going to have to plant tomatoes in this north garden bed in summer. My two south facing beds have had a lot of tomato variety plants (potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes…) over the past few years, so I think that it is their time for peas and garden bed rotation time.

Speaking of the south facing beds – I killed the Queen Squash. Too much shade and not enough vigilance meant the snails got a tasty snack instead of me.

I buried one bokashi box in the garden bed near the dwarf banana plant that I planted in June.

In the mint patch: the mint is still going, I planted some perilla leaf rescued from a vietnamese noodle soup (it’s still hanging on), and I think I have one brand new sweet potato!

What have you been doing in the garden in August?


3 responses to this post.

  1. My asparagus hasn’t woken up yet, and I’m getting worried. Yours was earlier than mine last year, but I don’t think it was *this* much earlier. I’m impressed that you saved a cutting from a soup!


  2. […] year, rather than risking the garlic getting whipper snippered near the rose bush, I have planted the garlic cloves in a pot. This should also help with […]


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