Great Aunty Three, Enmore

You can smell the sweet enticing smell of cinnamon and carmelisation wafting down the street. After purchasing supplies at Alfalfa House, we wandered across the street to investigate. I only meant to get a coffee. But then I stepped across the threshold. The smell hit me, and I was a goner.

We ordered a bowl of beef pho ($8), a caramelised pork belly banh mi ($6), and Vietnamese drip filter coffee. You can get the bread roll sandwich with lemon grass chicken or carmelised pork belly.

The banh mi arrives first:

Banh Mi

The roll is scattered with sunflower seeds and laden with coriander and shredded pork belly. The bread was oozy and melty with the sauce from the pork belly.

Here is the bowl of beef pho (pho bo) :

Beef Pho

Such a shame I don’t have smell o vision.

It smells heady and sweet. But not like a beef based stock. After some discussion, it turns out it is primarily beef stock with a little chicken to add sweetness.

The broth itself is light. Sweet. Not too salty. There is a little plastic dish of hoisin and chilli sauce, but I find that the pho does not need it. The pho is now available everyday.

I have never had much success with my coffee dripper purchased in Richmond Victoria. Tighten the clamp too tightly, and the hot water barely gets through and result is sour and unpleasant. Too loose a seal, and the water flows too freely and the result is watery and weak. Here is a lesson on how to do it properly:

Vietnamese Coffee

The Vietnamese drip filter coffee smells fruity and sweet. The contrast is the taste – it is very bitter and aromatic from the condensed milk. The choc wafer roll is the perfect foil.

On this day, co-owner Michael Le is working on making a fresh version of those sticky vietnamese sweets. Can you imagine three colour drink, but flavoured with pandan leaf proper rather than the lurid green stuff in a small vial?

Worth a return visit!

Great Aunty Three Vietnamese
Mon – Thu: 1000 – 1500
Fri – Sat: 0900 – 1700
Sun & Public Holidays:1000 – 1500
(02) 9519 2886
Street: 114 Enmore Road, Enmore 2042


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