Chinese Steamed Custard Buns

I saw some frozen custard buns in the Asian grocery store. I wanted, but I didn’t buy. I spent the entire trip home dreaming of buns. So of course, I had to look up the Internet for a recipe when I got home.

Jessica Gavin offered a solution.

I didn’t want to make 24 buns – too many for me and I didn’t have enough freezer space to store. So I halved the amount of bun dough as I had a 7g packet of activated dried yeast (equivalent to 1 teaspoon).

I also had only 40g of Foster Clark’s custard powder left over – results from a failed water chestnut cake attempt. So I quartered the custard filling recipe:


From start to finish, the one bun that I initially made to satisfy my custard bun craving took me about 2 hours.

My first attempt at folding the petals of the bun:

How on earth do those chefs at din tai fung manage 24 “perfect folds”?

Into the steamer we go:

About to steam

Shake, rattle and roll:


After the 8 minutes of steaming (step 20):

Fully Cooked

You can see the bun has grown and puffed up in size.

Here is the final result:

Chinese Steamed Custard Bun

Downside of this is that as soon as I had finished that one delicious morsel, I wanted another straight away! It tasted exactly like the frozen commercial ones, with the exception that I had made it and that I knew exactly what had gone into it!

Over the next few days, I turned the remainder of the dough and custard into 24 gem sized dumplings with thinner pastry than I intended. I found that if you made these too far in advance of steaming them, the yellow colour of the custard would bleed into the dough.

I can’t wait to try this dough recipe with homemade char siew pork. Noms!


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