June in the Garden

This weekend has been perfect for working in the garden. Overcast and not too hot, and even better it started drizzling lightly just after lunchtime. Normally, if I don’t get into the garden before 9am, I have to wait until late afternoon before I can start working, it just gets too sunny for me. I’m a bit like the wicked witch of the west – I melt in the sunshine. 

I bagged the guava fruits. The lorrikeets and the bats have already moved in, but I have bagged as much as I can to save the crop. I also picked up as much of the dropped fruit as a could; but I think I’m going to have to purchase a garden blower/vacuum. Picking up individual guava seeds is just too hard.

However, whilst I was in the front garden, the man was in the back garden, and he whippersnippered my garlic. For the second time. The first time he also cut down the little plastic plant identifying sticks marking out the crop.

He claims that this is because “he can’t tell when it is a weed, and when it is a legitimate plant”.

So I now have installed a little farm fence around the garlic, complete with plastic animals.

Garlic Farm

I reckon with little plastic animals giving him the beady eye, he’ll be less likely to chop the garlic down again.

Here is the newer north facing bed garden bed:

North facing garden bed

Only the snowpeas (back left) and garlic (right hand side) seem to have taken.

I aerated my compost, with a big metal spiral from the hardware store. I have two bins that are basically big tubes with ‘holes’ in the outside that do nothing. At first I was a bit despairing that my compost would ever amount to much – if you look from the outside, it looks like nothing has composted. But once you turn it over, it actually looks quite good.I also topped it up with uncomposted leaves from the pile next door, and found that the first bin was mostly composted. Awesome!

I have planted my dwarf banana plant and one of the columnar apple trees!

I purchased the trees mid last year as newly potted fruit trees, having been inspired by L of 500m2 in Sydney.

I’ll have what she’s having.

Then I did nothing with them – doofus. Recently, the leave have started going yellow and dropping off. This is because they are decidious, but it freaked me out, so I got my act into gear.

So first up, I dug into the clay soil of the garden bed, mixing in gypsum and freshly harvested compost. This is between the pink bottlebrush and the daisy-like bush. This spot had been overrun with pink sprawling flower (sorry, I don’t know its name), which apparently is very hard to kill. It sends out roots, which then grow small walnut sized tubers. Trying to stop that I installed a root barrier.

Here are my newly planted trees:

New Plantings

The apple tree is a “waltz” variety. There is still one more apple tree to plant, and this will probably go in front of the banana.

What have you been doing in the garden in June?


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