The full bagel

Sydney has been experiencing a bit of an Indian summer of late. Warm and mild during the day. Freezing cold (for us at least), at night. Really, it should be a little more nippy during the daytime.

Looking for a challenge, I thought it was time to try and make the bagels again.

All I can add from last time is:
1. Follow the recipe
2. I used 2 teaspoons (6g) of slightly out-of date dried yeast.
3. I found that when adding the “1/4” cup of water to the main body of flour (step 2), the mixture wasn’t quite wet enough to hold together. I added and extra 10 teaspoons (50ml) of water. So really – it ends up being another 1/2 cup of water.
4. Make sure you add the sugar to the flour at the dry stage. Rubbing sugar onto the dough ball afterwards just doesn’t work, because the sugar draws the moisture out of the dough (hydroscopic) and it becomes really wet whilst proving.
5. If you pre-bake your bagels before boiling (step 8), they will float because some of the air pockets have been “set”. If you don’t, they sink like a stone. This freaked me out so much when I first saw it, I pre-baked all the remaining bagels.
6. The quantities given are suitable to make six commercial sized bagels.

This is what the raw bagels looked like:

the raw bagel

The top row has been prebaked.

I didn’t take a photo of the bagels swimming around in their molasses water bath. In a 23cm pot, I could fit three bagels.

Here are the little babies baking:
the baking bagel

The final result:

The full bagel

You’re lucky I had any left at the end to take a piccie of.
I had eaten 2.5 of them already by the the time I took this photo.
The flavours I made were with chia seeds, nigella seeds and sesame seeds. I would like to try a mixed seed mixture, similar to the Iggy’s bagels.

I ate mine with fresh goats chevre, a goats milk “brie” style, and an ewe’s milk hard cheese. I have also heard of a pop up bakery serving it with a bacon, maple and bourbon cream cheese schmear.

What would you serve your fresh bagels with?


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