April in the Garden

Daylight saving has ended. You can feel that winter is approaching. The mornings are crisp, but the days have been warm. My most recent project, which I have been meaning to get into the ground by March was my new raised garden bed:

Southern Garden Bed

There originally was a ground level bed here, in which I had generally grown potatoes, and dug in a bokashi box or two. My soil is really heavy clay, so I couldn’t grow much else.
I accidentally installed my main garden beds against a south facing colourbond (metal) fence before I had observed the passage of the sun throughout the year.  Good in summer, dreadful in winter.

This thing took me  about three weeks to assemble and fill, in between work and weekend activities. I assembled this in two “C” shaped end sections, with the plan to dig out the bed, and then install the C-sections, and then bolt the middle together. Each panel is in a “U” shape, facing alternately up or down. So when I picked up the “C” shaped end section, the whole thing fell apart. Next time, I’m just buying a premade, preshaped raised garden bed. I’ve had it up to here with screws, washers, and wingnuts.

I also had trouble with the lip of the bed, which had a E-shaped piece “that you just click” over the two pieces of the garden bed lip to hold them in place. “Click” was just not happening for me. I ended up using garden wire around the two sections and the central hole. This seems to be fairly solid now.
I have already planted snowpeas, carrots, parsnips, coriander, cauliflower and broccoli.

Fingers crossed that there is enough warmth left in the days for some winter crops!

Elsewhere, we have….

The mint patch:
The mint patch

This is my sweet potato starter, sprawling all over the re-reclaimed mint patch. Ignore the crazy celery and the decimated by caterpillars sort-of-broccoli, which self started this year after last years’ failed attempt at growing.
Western garden bed:

Western Garden Bed

From left to right we have: queen squash and capsicum.
I planted my queen squash (whole roasting squash) in this south facing garden beds. Unfortunately it needs full sun, so hopefully I get at least one fruit. I may need to help the pollination a little. The seeds I saved from a squash eaten this time last year.
You can see my mad capsicum. I thought I was planting a chilli plant. This was also planted from a shop bought veggie. I have harvested three capsicums from this plant, and there are three more to come. The snails *love* eating the capsicum and hiding inside it during the day, so I have had to use the fruit fly bags to protect them.
The basil (out of frame) is still going strong. It’s a tougher, drier variety than the stuff you can get in shops and the bees adore the flower heads. I hardly use any of it. Last time I made a flower posy for someone, I used basil as the greenery!

Tick list:
– planted sprouting garlic under the rosebush
– transferred anonymous citrus from the ground into a garden pot (and it is so happy now!)
To do list:
– prepare the next garden bed
– properly planting the columnar apples & the dwarf banana
– plant the galangal
– rip out underperforming strawberry plants

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