Chatswood Night Markets

I was over Chatswood way one Thursday night, and at first I thought: why not visit Mamak, Chatswood?

Except the queue at 630pm was already 8 people deep, and I didn’t have that much to spare.

Instead, I wandered under the new transport interchange and had a look at the Victoria Avenue markets. There were quite a few trinket stores there, as well as snack food ones covering the range of Malaysian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Crepe. The queue for the Garlic Prawns and Chorizo was immense.

Queues, queues

Instead I popped into say hi at:

1. O!Momo – Nepalese Dumplings
2. Hut Dogs – Hot dogs, many different ways

O!Momo I had seen at the Surry Hills Festival. I had been tempted then, but was overruled by the availability of corn fritters. I got the meat ones.

Momo Dumplings

You got a choice of a mild or spicy tomato sauce to go with your dumpling – and I of course chose *sp*icy!. What was interesting about these was that it came with a hit of tumeric and curry like flavour. I am so used to the shanghai style pork and chive style dumping that the hit of curry was something totally unexpected.

I was dithering over all the choices available at the Hot Dog stand whilst I was waiting to order. I could get a Bratwurst, Cheese Kransky (mm… Cheese), or even a chicken frankfurter. If I wanted chips I could get them in a variety of flavours (plain, salt & vinegar, sweet paprika, chicken salt) with a sauce on top! No poutaine though.

If I was feeling really hungry, I could get a platter of either currywurst or the Hut Feast, both came with chips.

In the end I settled for the Chilly Cheese Hut Dog ($8). Look at it:

Hot Dog

Isn’t it beautiful?

This is described as a “Lean chicken frankfurter sausage, tasty cheese, chilli beans, crispy onions, tomato, hot chilli and hot mustard sauce.”

Mmm, hmm.

The crispy onions were those little fried shallots you get sprinkled on top of your bowl of soupy noodles like wonton noodle soup.

The mustard was indeed, very hot.

As were the chilli beans.

I really liked the whole hot dog package, and I will be searching them out again.

Chatswood Night Markets
Street: Victoria Avenue, Chatswood.
Web: Chatswood Night markets
Every Thursday and Friday 11am – 9pm.
Public Transport accessible.


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