Lee and Me Cafe, Wollongong

A trip to Wollongong means an opportunity to taste the local fare. Having scrounged our sources on teh interwebs and found a crusty old copy of good living that feature the delights of Wollongong, we felt well prepared.

Lee and Me

Lee and Me was the first cab off the rank. A lovely two-storey shop with a balcony out the front. You could sit on the pavement, on the balcony, perched on the communal table in front of the counter, in a room out the back, or even along a bench seat beside the building. Here, the cushions were re-purposed coffee bags. A really nice use of space.

I’m sure that I used to have a tricyle almost exactly like this:

Steel Tricycle

There were quite a few elements on the menu which were available at both breakfast and lunch. The malt hotcakes looked to be too sweet (I saw later on that it came with crushed crunchie chocolate bar on top!?!!), so I ordered ricotta with crispy polenta. I love polenta, but it just sticks to all my pots and pans at home when I cook it.

I was feeling very under the weather, so the staff rustled up a hot lemon infusion for me.

The soy flat white was gone in an instant, and deliciously dark and nutty. Generally I take a sip of my coffee and think: “why do I ruin it with soy?”. Not here. They use campos coffee and bonsoy soy milk.

Herbed ricotta and crispy polenta:

Crispy Polenta

Yummo. I really enjoyed this dish with all the different tastes and textures. It had chunks of baked pumpkin and beetroot. The herbed ricotta was delicious – not too rich, but not too salty. My poached eggs were perfect, and I stole some toast to dip into the yolk as the polenta wasn’t quite enough.

I had seen on the menu green tomato salsa with an alternate egg dish, so I had asked for this as an extra accompaniment to this dish. The staff had heard this as a ‘instead of’, so I didn’t get to try any chilli jam. The green tomato salsa was very very herbaceous – I think the chunky stuff came from baby spinach leaves. You can’t make it this style for long term preserving because of the water in the leaves, so it would’ve been made fresh. It was quite tart and zingy.

The staff were very accommodating in refilling our tall reusable cups with hot water.

Here we have eggs your way, with a side of mushrooms:

Fried Eggs

We chose fried eggs, which came still runny. The mushrooms had been big portobello field mushrooms, cut in a chunky style. The toast was a rye that stayed crisp and was oh-so moreish. I wish there had been more mushrooms!

Corn Fritters were as follows:

Corn Cakes

The slow roast tomato sauce was a winner. The corn fritters were mixed in with chard and a very distinctive tasting cheese. I wonder if it was goat fetta, rather than cow fetta. Unfortunately they didn’t quite gel with my tastebuds. I must remember to post my recipe for the best ever corn fritters.

If you head upstairs, there are two rooms of shopping available, and the balcony to sit on. Also the bathroom with a gorgeous paper towel holder:
Bathroom Accessories

And a wonderful tableau out the window:

Garden Scene

Lee and Me
87 Crown Street, Wollongong 2500
Ph: +61-2-42440695
Mon-Fri 07.00 – 16.00
Sat-Sun 08.00 – 16.00


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