Semi Baked

The weather this summer in Sydney has been hot. We’ve had about a fortnight’s worth of heatwave – mainly because there is a mass of hot air in the centre of Australia, the monsoon in the north is late, so every few days the bubble in the middle expands. I’m talking temperatures in the high 30s, low to mid 40s (or 85F to 107F). Wowser. We’ve also had some dreadful bush fires – the Aussie bush is full of eucalypts which are filled top toe toe with oil. When the crown of a eucalyptus tree is on fire – it goes bang.

So what to do with a garden in the midst of this heatwave?

Every morning I’ve been getting up just after sunrise and deep watering the garden. No mean feat for a bed bug like me. I also constructed this ‘shade’ shelter over my tomatoes, by sacrificing a sari:

Sari Shelter

The leaves are getting a little crispy, but the plants appear to have survived thusfar.


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