Bake-Off 2012

The stage is set.

No items previously entered to be accepted. I am not going to be beaten by another sticky date pudding, so I pull out all stops. This includes four hours of preparation and a day off from work:

Nut Pie - ready to cook

Can you guess what it is?

My competition:

1. Honey cake

Baked Honey Cake

2. Mississippi mud cake

Missipippi Mud Cake

3. Baked cheesecake

Baked Cheesecake

A complicated scoring arrangement is set up so that the lowest score wins.

In preparation there is a light dinner and a ritual sacrifice of a BBQ. No really, Host No.1 ran through the house and asked Host No. 2:

  • “Uh, honey, is the BBQ supposed to be one fire?”.

    I take one bite of the baked cheesecake, and OMG, so much alcohol. I think it was a recipe torn out of a smh good weekend, and it involved a lot of rum. The raisins which had been soaked in the rum had permeated the rum flavour throughout the cake.

    The mudcake is next. Missipippi mudcake traditionally has rum in it, but this version has whiskey. It was very rich and chocolately – and went very well with coffee later on. This would be because it also contains coffee. This recipe is a “hand me down” from someone’s mum, but was originally torn out of a newspaper.

    One bite of the honey cake, and I have a favourite. It tastes like something I would bake! It has been cooked in three little mini tins to try and control the fine line between perfection and burnt. Because it has so much honey in it, it keeps quite well. Later on, I am reminded of my Polish Honey Cake. Mmm, oh yeah I need to make that one again.

    Finally here is my entry:

    Nut Pie

    That dish contains one entire stick (250g) of butter.

    This is supposed to pecan pie. But I didn’t have any pecans. Instead, I substituted walnuts, pinenuts and macadamias. So it was unceremoniously dubbed “the nut pie“.

    I made shortcrust pastry from scratch. This was placed in the fridge to cool before rolling out and blind baking. I melted butter and maple syrup together, and added in the nuts. But the nut/syrup ratio looked wrong so I almost doubled the amount of nuts again.

    When baked, all the syrup oozed out from my removable base pie tin. My careful rolling out had resulted in some cracks in my lovely base. The edges were also a little cracked from being removed from the tin.

    Best yet, my four hours of baking was enough to counteract the large amount of cake I ate for dinner.

    And the result?

    I WON!


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