Getting Arty with it

Since I had half the day off from work, I wanted to visit Sculpture by the Sea without the crowds. But then I chose the last Friday of the exhibition and managed to time it just when school got out. So I didn’t miss them after all.

Unusually for me, I started from the Bondi end. Being unable to find Potato Ghetto (signs, people SIGNS, have ye nae heard of them?); I settled for a coffee and a museli cookie from Sonoma before setting off.

No. 2 ghost net crocodile 2011, by GhostNets Australia QLD:

No2 Ghostnet Crocodile 2011

Statement: Remote community indenous artists create works using ghost nets retrieved by indigenous rangers from Australia’s northern coastline. 

Scary what is floating around, abandoned in the ocean.

No. 9 Midden, by Jane Gillings, NSW:

No9 midden

Statement: We all leave a trace.

From far away, up you think these are shells, or maybe feathers. Only when you are close up do you realise that it is made of tens of hundreds of white plastic disposable cutlery. And it looks so clean. Have they been rescued from a rubbish bin to make this artwork? Or were they bought with the sole purpose of making the artwork…?

No. 20 mengenang (memory), by Cave Urban NSW; and
No. 17: where do the children play? By Warwick, Ben & Sam Orme NSW:
No30 mengenang

I like this one because the photographer has clambered up close to No. 17, in almost exactly the same pose as No. 15 weight pulls me down, strength pulls me up, which was posed just a few metres along the cliff face.

Each of the 222 bamboo wind turbines in mengenang is tuned to D-minor. It began as a reflection on the 222 lives lost in the Bali bombings. It made an eerie – clack-clack-clack sound in the breeze, which of course my photo doesn’t capture.

No. 52 capital tension by Joanna Rhodes, VIC:

No52 Capital Tension

Statement: The inevitability of the business cycle may be of some comfort to some comfort to the market economist, but leaves the great majority of us confused, powerless and angry.

When looking at this one from above, the bear and the bull make a yin/yang not one without the other type of symbol. The bear following the bull following the bear. They also look a bit like a paper cutout slinky: if you squashed it, it would become one dimensional.

This is the head of the “bear” part of the market. I would not normally stand so close to a bear!

No. 58 gregarious by Hidemi tokutake, NSW: 

No58 gregarious

Are they ironstone plugs extracted from rock? Maybe they are mushrooms. Or they could be living creatures, unfamiliar to us.

No. 59 playpen, by Gaye Jurish, NZ:
No59 Playpen

Look at the joy on those faces.

No. 62 you are (on) an island, by Alicia Eggert & Mike Fleming USA:

No62 Island

Not so much the sculpture, but I was more interested in the packing box. Had it sat here all throughout the exhibition? Or had it just reappeared so that the sculpture could be packed back into the box? By the way, the packing box is for sculpture No. 46 bridge of sighs (for b), by George Andric, SA.

No64 intercut head hand and figure by Terry Stringer, NZ:

No64 intercut head hand and figure

You think it’s just a sculpture of a woman. Then you walk around and it’s a hand. And suddenly just a head. The grass all around here was brown and worn out from the number of people posing beside it.

No. 72 the drogue, by Kate Stehr, NSW:

No72 thedrogue

This one is so quiet, out of the way, unobtrusive. It doesn’t scream loudly like No. 69 view(tm), by Dave Mercer – who currently is working in !Advertising!.

No107 Poom, by Staccato, South Korea:

No107 Poom

Statement:The motif for this work comes from a Korean childhood game, making sand-houses by putting hands into a heap of sand, then pulling out singing “Toad, Toad I’ll give you an old house if you give me a new house!”


Inside the structure were a lot of badges with messages written on them. I think I saw a sign saying to leave a message for refugees here.

Did you go to sculpture by the sea? What was your favourite piece?

Sculpture by the Sea will next appear at Cottosloe WA, 8 – 25 March 2013.


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