Whalen’s Hotel, Strathfield

Pub food is the same everywhere, right?

Not if you’re running the bistro at Whalen’s Pub in the middle of Koreatown also known as Strathfield

There is a bistro out the back, selling a small selection of Korean food.

A small plate of chilli chicken is $7.90. For about $7 more, you can get a small dish of it as part of a bento box. This bento box comes with miso soup, white ginger pickles, daikon radish pickes, rice, spring rolls. Oddly, there is also a small container of mixed salad leaves with balsamic vinegar dressing.

Chilli Chicken Bento @ Whalen's Hotel

If you want a dish to share with the relos, a large plate of just chicken is $27.

Be warned, the chilli chicken is HOT. There is a lovely smoky flavour, but it took more than five minutes after my last bite for the fire to dissipate.

Other large dishes available include Ginger Chicken ($29), Four star chilli burn chicken feet ($25) , Chilli Shellfish ($20), eel and pork.

The chilli eel is quite nice – less hot than the chilli chicken. I can’t however feel than I’m being charged an exorbitant rate for something I can get for $10 out of a freezer at a good Asian supermarket.

The seafood pancake is a bit disappointing for $26. There’s a great amount of seafood in it – prawns, mussels and octopus. I was expecting something crispy like a chinese shallot pancake, but it is very doughy in texture instead. The leftovers are great once crisped up under the grill at home.

Rice Balls @ Whalen's Hotel

My favourite dish are the rice balls. For $7.90, you get a silver bowl with a mix of rice, shredded chilli chicken, dried seaweed and sesame seeds. It is topped with a plastic glove. Because this is a finger food, you don the glove and roll the rice mixture into a ball before popping into your mouth. Delicious.

The steamed egg casserole is $9, and provides a light counterpart to the fiery chilli. It looks quite bland, but has a very eggy flavour.

If you’re not feeling too adventurous, there is a standard range of steak, parmigana and fish and chip type meals.

Soju – the lethal Korean rice drink similar to vodka is available for $10/$15 (sweet/dry) over the bar.

Whalen’s Pub Bistro
27 Everton Road
Strathfield NSW 2135
Sunday – Thursday 1000-1500, 1700 – 2145
Friday-Saturday: 1000 – 2245.


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  1. Posted by Cher on May 21, 2015 at 23:15

    Avoid Korean pizzas.They are shockers.Korean food is an acquired taste.They have Anglo ,USA, Chinese food here too.Schnitzel is great.German favourite


  2. […] very faintly of lime. I think that I had first encountered a ‘steamed egg custard’ at Whalen’s hotel; followed by a tofu and egg white one with scallops and asparagus at the Golden Century. That […]


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