Oyster Po’Boy

I had seen this recipe whilst reading a good living during a break in a bushwalk.

“I can do that.”, I thought.

Of course I *had* to do this on the night that I was also experimenting with a fish recipe and baking banana bread. 3.5 hours from go to whoa is not quite the way to please your partner.

Next time, I’ll start a bit earlier. Don’t forget, you need to soak the bloody oysters!

Po'Boy Prep

For the spicy mayo, I used:
horseradish (instead of mustard)
Chilli seeds & chilli sauce (instead of cayenne pepper)

I didn’t have iceberg lettuce, so mixed salad leaves went in.

Same with the white bread rolls – I had a loaf of sourdough, cut and toasted into bite size pieces.

On one side I spread spicy mayo, on the other I used my green tomato pickle (instead of dill pickles).

So I guess I wasn’t very true to the recipe.

But here it is:

Oyster Po'Boys

The main taste was of the spicy mayonnaise and a sharp bit of pickle. A slight fish like taste from the oysters and bitterness from my rocket. Overall sourdough aroma.

Pretty tasty!

Starting the mayo early allowed all the disparate flavours to mellow together. That worked really well.

I’m not so sure that I would deep fry the oysters again though. So much effort and splattered oil for one small bite!


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