Fresh from the West Festival

So after my inner city festival jaunt, I figured that I ought to go to the Fresh from the West festival, happening in my own backyard.

I got there a little bit late because of my last minute intervention.

First up, I went to the Serbian food stall. This was their first time at a festival such as this, and all proceeds were going to Westmead hospital. I believe that they were actually a local Serbian dance troupe.

Serbian Food

They were offering homemade donuts, and a variant on that evergreen fundraiser: the sausage roll.

I couldn’t decide between the skinless pork sausage roll or the pork neck sandwich. So I got both.

Pork Neck Sandwich:

Serbian Pork Neck

The roll was slathered in mayonnaise, a generous helping of a cabbage salad and what I think was Ajvar – a spicy paprika and tomato relish.

The pork neck meat was a bit dry and salty, so I put it aside for later.

Skinless Sausage Sandwich:

Serbian skinless sausage

This roll was also slathered in the same condiments, but it was more pleasing to eat. I guess the fat from a sausage mix keeps it moist! This one I ate all the way to the end.

I caught up with Indira Naidoo giving two recipe demonstrations from her cookbook The Edible Balcony.

She told a story of how when she was in Genoa, she was inducted into the Brotherhood of Pesto. All the men were about 5ft in height and wearing bright green robes. The brotherhood is charged with maintaining the true pesto of basil, garlic, pine nuts and Parmesan.


All very serious. So don’t tell them that she advocates making ‘pesto-style’ pastes with whatever comes to hand!

The second dish she made was a Chorizo, butter bean and cherry tomato salad.

I missed a part of this because I was off watching the Colombian Dancing ladies:

Columbian Dancers

These guys showed several dance styles, including the courtship “Queen of BomBok”.

However, I got back in time to taste the final result:

Chorizo and Cherry Tomato

Indira’s comment was the the technique of adding sizzling hot stuff (chorizo), to room temperature stuff is quite a common technique in Spanish cooking. The heat from the Chorizo melded all the flavours from the salad together.

I had just enough time to pick up some chemical free greens from Rita’s Vegetable stand:

Rita's Produce

I picked up some baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, dutch carrots, rhubarb and beetroot.

Before watching the closing dance performance from some Northerner Chinese folk group:

Chinese Dancers

The two little kids down the front were dancing, just like the women onstage.

All in all, an interesting afternoon. I look forward to similar events in future. I do note that although the Westies are willing to travel into town; the inner city folk are less keen. The event was staged for their benefit too!

Did you know that more than 75% of the Greg greens you buy in the Sydney basin are GROWN in the Sydney basin?


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