Surry Hills Festival

So I went to the Surry Hills Festival.

And it was kind of fun.
But also kind of boring.

For a festival (and a council), that bills itself as “sustainable”, there was a lack of reusable cups at the coffee counters available. And there was a lot of rubbish to buy. There were multiple bins – paper, plastic, glass, cans, compost, landfill. But I couldn’t believe people were so lazy that they couldn’t walk that extra step and put that can in the correct bin rather than the compost bin! Perhaps a localised can deposit scheme, get 10c back on your next drink if the can is returned?

I participated in some discussions about sustainable communities, and calculating your carbon footprint. I saw Adam Liaw. I went to gelato messina up the hill and got gelato.

Foodwise I saw viking chargrilled sausages, Nepalese dumplings, gourmet sausages in a wrap. There was way too many gozlemes: I saw at least five stalls.

The two foodstuffs that interested me were the corn fritters:

Corn Fritters

These fritters from Fritter House were server “farmers feast” style, with an extra side of chorizo. On the plate you see herbs (mainly parsley), chipolata susage, spicy potato, double-smoked bacon, stirfried mushrooms, beetroot relish and tomato relish.

I also like the look of the Caribbean “trini kitchen”.


These guys were offering “doubles” (pronounced as in two of something, not the dance). A kind of chickpea flour pancake filled with other tastes like sourcream and tamarind. But they were sold out by the time I got there even though though the signs were still up.

Instead I tried a fresh cooked roti filled with a mixture of chickpeas, beef and chicken. I saw the fresh made roti puff up in front of my eyes. The result was indeed delicious.

Rocking out to the Sosume DJS & the sounds of African drumming from Keyim Ba:

Rocking out


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  2. Glad you tried our corn fritters. We love trying new combinations – in fact that is ther really fun part. This weekend at Marrickville Markets we had a smoked salmon/asparagus/herbed mushrooms/potato combination with dill and asparagus aioli! Yummy. Cheers, and love your blog,


  3. […] I had seen at the Surry Hills Festival. I had been tempted then, but was overruled by the availability of corn fritters. I got the meat […]


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