Buy Nothing New Month – Day 31 Hail All Hallows

I wanted to wear something a little special, because it was All Hallows Eve.

But then I needed to go to work, so you got this:

BNNM Day 31

You got me midway.

The top is a bike riding top by N-Zo dirtwear. I was about to go for a summer series orienteering run before I remembered I had to take a photo.

Wrap Skirt. – something silky synthetic from a million years ago. It’s long. It’s got flowers on it. It’s really flattering. I’ve had it for at least 10 years, but I think I got it from a wardrobe raid.

Accessories this time are super white.

I wore a set of white and “gold” clip on earrings that I showed you two days ago. I have a big triangular shaped ring with a white stone insert which you can see. This is a set size ring, with an elastic band connecting the top and bottom halves of the ring.

Thank goodness that’s over.

And I did alright at the summer series run.


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