Buy Nothing New Month – Day 30 A little orange to brighten the day

I’m glad I only did this for 12 days. It’s exhausting! It also shows that I am probably *not* the target market for this kind of campaign, since I wear the same thing all the time.

I remember when I first took the girls to a Salvos store. They were stepping gingerly around as if they would catch some disease just from being in the same air pocket as second hand stuff. Now they quite happily visit the Savers store in Brunswick VIC and browse for hours.

BNNM Day 30

Yet another shirt from the Thai tailor.

Aasymmetrical woollen skirt from M-one-eleven.

Orange coloured wooden bead necklace, made by Rare Rabbit, purchased at Maiocchi Brisbane. I really like the orange colour.

Since my outfit is much the same as it has been on previous days, I’ll show you the button detail on the tan coloured cardigan:

Button detail

Get it?

It’s a horseshoe, a set of stirrups and a whip. The cardigan comes from the Hong Kong Jockey Club.


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