Buy Nothing New Month Day 28: Emergency Intervention

We had planned to go to the Fresh from the West festival together. But then it turned out an overseas friend was turning up on her doorstep. Tomorrow. With 24 hours notice.

So I dressed, took a photo, and then changed into cleaning clothes. After I assisted in some of the house cleaning, I headed out for festival frivolities, and changed back again.

In the background you can see one of my preferred cleaning products when it’s an emergency and you just have to use a spray: Murchison-Hume. Plant based cleaning products, food and people friendly, free from ammonia and bleach. I originally spotted their product in Accoutrement shop Mosman, but I have also seen it stocked in Victoria’s Basement. There is something about citrus smells that just screams *clean*, No?

BNNM2012 Day28

Grey knitted top from Cotton On.

Black/Green skirt from Lush, Melbourne.

Firucchi fuchsia coloured belt with interlocking “leaf” belt buckle. Purchased yesterday at the Surry Hills Festival. But I made sure it was second-hand first. And I had to have it. My search engine also tells me that they are an Australian company. Yay!


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