Buy Nothing New Month Day 27 – festival time

Getting all dolled up for the Surry Hills Festival. The weather was warm in the sun, but with a bit of a cold edge in the shade. I hadn’t planned to go, but I wanted to meet up with my friend M and rescue my cake carrier from her before any more lemon meringue pie ended up on my car’s back seat.

BNNM2012 Day27

Grey long sleeve knitted top from Cotton On. My mate had a job to clear out a house when some parents kicked their adult kids out, and he came away
with a bag of clothes. This was one of them. I like it because of the extra
body length. I don’t have bare my midriff.

Blue cotton spotty skirt – rescued from my mum’s wardrobe during a recent cull.

Red cummerbund from Ammo, Melbourne.

New black cardy from China.

Green pashmina from HangZhou, China.

Black and pink Dunlop volley shoes. I got these when my walking boots were giving me blisters.


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