Buy Nothing New Month 2012 – Day 25

I was going to wear almost the same thing as I wore for Days 23 & 24, but then I thought that would be *boring*.

That’s the problem with themed things like this; it almost encourages you to amass a stash of stuff so you can parade it during November. Catch-22, much?

BNNM2012 Day 25

Fake flower, worn in hair.
This was purchased during the 1950s fair at Rose Seidler house. Now that was a huge excuse to overcharge. I saw earrings for sale there for $50; later on I saw a really similar set at my local vinnies for $2.50.

Shirt, Thailand tailor.

A-line striped skirt with button detail from Lush clothing, Melbourne.

Tan coloured cardigan – saved during a recent cull of clothing from my mum’s wardrobe. There’s some lovely detail on the buttons.

Granny boots from shappere. I’m pretty sure they were purchased a year after the cowboy boots.


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