Buy Nothing New Month – Day 24, a little political

See Day 23. No really, I am that boring.

The shirt is a different one, but still made in Thailand.

So here is a little more detail on the skirt:

BNNM2012 Day 24

But now for a little politics.

This announcement that the NSW government has “agreed” to a unsolicated offer of a casino and hotel complex has got me pissed.

If it were a private company, and the Barangaroo site was a privately owned site, then sure, you could develop a Casino on that property, subject to the planning laws.

But the site is pubically owned, and therefore a site owned by all the residents of NSW, and to some degree all Australians – those who pay the taxes that pay the salary of the NSW government.

That means the government should advertise an Expression of Interest for potential usage of the site, and then other organisations could bid. For example, a fun park to rival Luna Park on the other side of the harbour.

That way the “government” could judge the potential COSTS and benefits of each idea submitted, and not just grasp desperately at the first offer that lands on their desk.


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