Chefs Gallery

Three egg fried rice ($14.90) at Chef’s Gallery doesn’t quite look like the photo in the menu. This was recommended as a ‘must try’.

Chef's Gallery

The egg is diced very small, and the overall fragrance is of the creaminess of the salted egg yolk. The taste is mostly of the creamy grittiness of the salted egg, the sharp onion of spring onion, and crunchy slightly rubbery Chinese pickles. I can’t taste any of the century duck egg. And what is the third egg type? Plain old chicken egg.

The staff? Yes I understand you’re closing up. But don’t push in whilst someone is eating and shove the bill in their face. You could also wait until there is a pause in the conversation before barging in. There is also that little rule about serving: place from the left, clear away from the right.

I think the noise level would be intense when the place is crowded, there were a lot of sheer noise reflecting surfaces.

Would I go again?

I am undecided. It would require a fabulous dish recommendation to get over my reluctance of paying another visit to this place.

Chefs Gallery
Mon- 1200-1500, 1730-“late” (2130-ish on a school night)
Regent Place
Ground Level, Shop 12, 501 George St (Corner Bathurst Street)
Sydney NSW 2000


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