Miss Chu’s, Darlinghurst

The delivery vehicles for Mother Chu’s state in a mock Asian accent: “You Ling, we bling”.

misschu courier

I find this a bit offensive considering that the guy behind the counter is Caucasian. I do like the delivery bicycles though.

There is a range of rice paper rolls to choose from, but having limited stomach room I decide to go for the duck and banana flower, which is $9 for two, a $1.50 surcharge on the other rolls such as pork and green mango. The guy reaches into the fridge and pulls out a ready-to-go pack.

misschu duck

Banana flower is usually a deep purple colour. I cannot see any purple in the roll. It has an interesting shredded ‘fluff’ in one portion, I think it may be pork floss. The duck meat itself is rich and satisfying, however I find the roll itself quite plain in taste and texture.

Usually I gobble these things down without any sauce, but today I find that I need to use the entire bottle of sweet/sour dipping sauce.

I’ll be back to try the duck pancakes and the rolls with green mango. If I can find a uniform of the nearby school SCEGG’s to wear, I’ll even get 5% discount off my bill!


Miss Chu’s
150 Bourke Street
Sydney NSW 2010
(Near William Street)
1100-2130, 7 days


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