Chat Thai @ thegaleries

Once upon a time, I got a recommendation for the authentic made-to-order som tum at the thai place in the basement food court of the Galeries Victoria.

Since then, the thai place has been taken over by chat thai, the food court got a dark and moody renovation, and the Galeries Victoria rebranded itself as The Galeries.

What I like about this place is that you get to eat all the great stuff from chat thai, and there is unlimited seating, since you can also take it away.

Even better, from 230pm – 5pm everyday, you can get little mini snack versions of their most popular dishes for $5. Perfect for filling in the little gap between lunch and dinner.

Mini Dishes that you can get are:

33. Boat Noodle Soup
37. Guay Jub (soup/dry) – rice noodles and pork in five spice broth
38. Sukho thai (soup/dry) – spicy rice noodles with fish dumplings and minced chicken
42. Khao mun gai – poached chicken and rice with dark soy sauce and ginger relish
46. Khao mhu daeng – lemongrass pork, pickled plum with rice

The boat noodle soup was a little oily, and the broth was lightly spiced but a bit plain. There were a few pork ‘crackles’, some stubs of chinese brocoli (gai lan), and a pinch of skinny noodles. There were no cubes of blood jelly or tripe-like “bits”. I love boat noodle soup, but I didn’t love this version.

Sukhothai noodles at the little greasy spoon in Chiang Mai was dark herbal “bit-filled” broth that reminded me a lot of the Sydney/westernised boat noodle soup. It was so good, I went back.

Here, it is a light spicy broth with fish balls and fish tofu:

chat thai

Guay Jub is billed as “tubular rice noodles with assiette of pork and boiled egg in five spice broth”.
Now we’re cooking. This was much better, and what isn’t mentioned in the blurb is that you get your tripe “bits. The broth had a lovely flavour. The tubular rice noodles were big and chunky and left a slight gelantinous residue at the bottom of the bowl.

I’ll be back, the guay jub is calling my name. Not to mention the chicken wings, char grilled pork shoulder, papaya salad …

Chat Thai @ the galeries
Shop 1 lower ground
500 George Street Sydney

Mon-Wed, Friday: 1000-1800
Thursday: till 2000
Sat: 1000 – 1700
Sunday & Holidays: 1100-1700


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