Kitchen By Mike (Closed)

I had seen a few reviews of Kitchen by Mike, but since they shut at 4pm, I have found it difficult to get there in time.

Finally made it!

door @ mikes

It’s a huge open warehouse space, with three quarters occupied by the shop. Here, you can lots of ‘like to haves’, like beds made from unfinished tree branches, a tea cosy that looks like an owl from Peru, or the enamel tin dining ware that you eat off here. The shop is called Koskela.

dining hall @ mikes

Dishes on offer on the day include:

* White bean and bacon soup $9.50
* Jerk chicken with roast young carrots $11
* Crispy pork belly with housemade quince jam $11
* Sweet potato with pomegranate and spiced yoghurt $5.50
* Wood fired winter veg with lemon and chilli $7.5. This is really halved brussels sprouts, slightly charred around the edges with a bit of english spinach for colour.
* Pulled pork panini with cabbage and piccalilli $8.

kitchen @ mikes
There is also a nice looking set of decadent desserts including flavoured meringue, chocolate truffles, and something like an orange and rose water polenta cake.

I remembered reading rave reviews of something involving pork, so I get the pulled pork panini and the white bean soup.

thegoods @ mikes

The soup is so so salty. Sliced bits of bacon and bean, green stuff (like a skinny baby spinach) and parsley.

I’ve made pea and ham soup – isn’t it possible to make this soup with less bacon and thus less salt?

I keep pulling bits of piccalilli pickle out of my panini to ease the salty taste in my mouth.

I can’t seem to see free tap water, generally something that is on offer in a cafe. I also didn’t ask. Next time!

The accompanying bread is airy with a chewy texture and good crust. I wonder if you can buy loaves? If you want to buy some to have with your meal it is $2.50 a slice.

Pulled Pork Panini

The pork panini was heavily buttered and mayoed. By the time I got around to eating it, I had already eaten all of the piccalilli. The pork itself were in big chunks – kind of how you would get in a Chinese stir fry. It has too much butter yet is too dry for me.

coffee @ mikes
My soy flat white arrives after I have sat down with my tray of goodies. It is so delicious, I lick out the cup and wonder if I can get another one.

I will return for the coffee.

The kitchen is sometimes open for special occasion dinners.

Kitchen by Mike
85 Dunning Aveneue
Roseberry NSW 2180
Mon- Sun: -1600. Breakfast till 1130.

Post Post note: Kitchen by Mike shut its doors on Friday 10 August 2015.


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  1. […] It was a bit… Meh. Although this was probably the first time I have seen two guys order salad and a green drink. If I was in the area and there wasn’t a queue – maybe. Perhaps if I liked the look of something on their menu (and it certainly is an inspiring and varied one), I would pre-order via phone or email (orders by 10am). It’s a tad on the expensive side I thought. But I also thought that about kitchen by mike. […]


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