Harvest Monday 17 September*


Last of my winter cherry tomatoes, 4.
Asparagus spears, 4.
Handful of parsley
Trimmed all the frost bitten bayleaves and into the spice cupboard. I will reuse the pot.

with extreme prejudice: the agapanthus. In its place will go some columnar dwarf apple trees.
Yes, I went to the market to buy fruit n veg, and came back with two apple trees.

Planted & Achieved:
Transplanted my anonymous citrus into a big planter pot
Rocket seeds, from neighbour
chilli seeds from a fiery birds eye
Heirloom tomato seeds
Capsicum seeds, from store bought

Still growing:
Snow peas, 4 ish
Dwarf beans, 1
radishes, 8 sprout heads
carrots (no green sprouts yet, but planted at same time as the radishes. I may have too much clay for the carrot)

*Note this is more a record of what I remember has happened recently. The events described above may or may not have happened on the date nominated.


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