Wilbur’s Place

I want dinner quick, so visiting Wilbur’s Place which ‘specialises in take-away’ is suggested.

Late on this weekday night it is easy to grab a spot at the bar. Other times, walking past in the early evening – the place is packed to the gunnels.
The slow cooked lamb shoulder has already run out, so I settle for choice number two: confit duck leg with braised red cabbage and orange gremolata.

I was also intrigued by the Brussels sprouts side dish. This came with preserved lemon, chilli, garlic and anchovy ($6.5). More as inspiration to the few brussels sprouts lurking in the bottom of my fridge, I also ordered this.

It took about about 15 mins for my dishes to arrive.

Duck Confit @ Wilbur's Place

The duck leg was succlulent and rich with crispy skin. There was a small patch of very green orange-flavoured gremolata which added a nice contrast. The cabbage had a slight lemon or vinegar taste: sauerkraut light. It seemed to be missing something – perhaps salt?

Brussel Sprouts @ Wilbur's Place

The brussels sprouts were quite oily, but also very tasty. It is so refreshing to find a dish that involves brussels sprouts yet does not involve cream or bacon! I liked itso much, I have reproduced it a couple of times at home.

So. I could walk up the road to Messina and see what flavours they have on offer. Or I could get something here.

Here I have a choice of chocolate truffles ($5 for 2), toasted brioche ice-cream sandwich, or a custard tart with blackberry icecream. I ask, and am granted the chance to try the toasted brioche ice-cream sandwich with a teeny tiny bit of blackberry ice-cream. *happy dance*
Brioche @ Wilbur's Place
It looks like the brioche is a square loaf, sliced into 2.5cm thick slices. It has been toasted, possibly lightly pan fried and spread on the outside with caramel. There is a thick even wedge of vanilla bean ice-cream in the middle. There is a nice contrast of crispy bioche, sweet caramel and almost plain ice-cream. It is very rich, too rich – a treat to share with friends.

The black current ice-cream is almost tart by comparison with little seeds scattered throughout. It is also
quite delicious.

Wilbur’s Place

34 Llankelly Place, Potts Point
Tue-Fri lunch: 0800-1500
Tue-Sat dinner: 1700-2130
Sat Breakfast 0800-1500
Sat Lunch: 1100-1500


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