District Dining (Closed)

I have wanted to try District Dining ever since it opened in 2010, but never quite got around to it.

Finally, when I heard chef Warren Turnbull was moving to New Zealand and had put both Assiette and DD on the market, I knew I had to make a proper effort.

About half full on a Friday lunchtime. The main window above the central hotel faced west. Lovely to catch the winter sun, but also at risk for serious sunburn. Luckily there was a electonic sunshades on the outside of the window.

Snacking dishes ranged from $10-20, ‘dishes to share’ from $24-$34. I was in a quandrary about what to order – district’s Russian salad with beetroot ($10), the wagyu brisket pancakes ($24), the crispy quail eggs ($16). Or what about the main? 12 hour slow cooked lamb shoulder ($30) sounded yummy.

In the end I settled for two snack sized dishes. Crispy pig ears with Szechuan salt ($10), and smoked eel pate with green onion( $12).

While I was waiting, I asked for a mocktail ‘citrus and sharp’. Corinne made something sweet with orange zest in a martini glass. This is what I like about places like this: I can ask for a non-alcholic cocktail, and the staff are willing to make something up for me. As much as I like the tacos at El Loco, the staff are not willing to make anything that deviates from their set list.

District Dining

The pigs ears had been sliced into skinny little strips and deep fried. Yes they were crispy. But they were very very salty.

The eel pate came served in a little oval ‘eel’ tin, and two slices of Sonoma mission sourdough. Two thirds of thr tin was filled with a creamy pink eel pate. The other third had a deep green bitter tasting onion complement. It tastes so bitter that I’m convinced there is something more than just green onion in it. The eel pate has flecks of smoked eel pieces, diced boiled egg and dill. It tastes nice, but is also very salty!! I need an extra two slices of bread and jug of tap water to wash it all down.

The guy next to me ordered two salads. Next time, I should take heed of his example.

District Dining

17 Randle Street, Surry Hills 2010
Sun-Mon: Closed
Tue-thu: 1200-1500, 1800-2300
Fri: 1200-2300
Sat: 1200-1500, 1800-2300

Post-post note: District dining has closed as of early 2013.


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  1. Shame about the pig ears. They look delicious!


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