Avoiding Colesworth and Aldi

This is a rewrite of something I heard from Dick Smith on the radio, but it made sense to me.

Firstly, don’t shop at Aldi.

Everything there is equivalent to “homebrand”, with reduced overheads. Colesworth are heading that way too, shifting all of their “you’ll love colesworth homebrand” to eye level on the shelves, and using standover

Secondly, don’t shop at Colesworth.

Did you know that the “discounts” you get in the supermarket is worn by the supplier and not the

I have an in-law who has recently given up the farming business and sold the tractor. Why? Because he would spend $30k on a harvest, only to recoup $20k in sales. Who can afford to make a loss year in, year out?

Right now it is autumn/winter, yet the supermarkets are charging out of season prices on apples, apples which are in season right now.

Aren’t you frightened by the fact that 80c in the shopping dollar is spent at one of the two major supermarkets?

So I have been trying more and more to shop at independant shops, farmers markets, resorting to an IGA only if I can’t find what I’m after at the first two.
And all the time I am trying to ensure what I am buying has been made by an Australian owned company with Australian grown produce; or at least Australian grown produce. It is so time consuming and frustrating!

So far, this is my list I have compiled of australian owned companies for what I buy on a day-to-day basis:

1. Rosella tomato sauce. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find an Australian owned tomato paste. Leggo’s is owned by Simplot, which is an American company.
2. Sanitarium cereals. Owned by the Seventh Day Adventist church.
3. Freedom Foods, producer of A2 milk and various gluten free, dairy free etc type food
4. McKenzie and Ward baking products
5. Dick Smith grocery lines (not the “technical” shop).

Have a look at the ethical consumer guide for more information.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I was devastated the day I heard that Rosella were closing their doors – I LOVED their tomato soup and tomato sauce. Best going!

    I recall hearing (or seeing) an interview with Dick Smith where he said he basically went into jam production because he heard of a bunch of Aussie farmers having to just dump their fruit crop because they couldn’t sell it. It gave me a lot of respect for him (though my Dad claims that what the majors are doing to food now, Dick Smith did to electronics in the 70s/80s). I haven’t had to buy jam for a few years but if I did, I’d be buying Dick Smith jam.


    • It seems you have to do this even more now. Last I heard, SPC Ardmona’s cannery in Shepparton VIC was in trouble and was being threatened with closure. Although they are owned by Coca Cola… now I’ve been buying their canned tomatoes when I need to. As for tomato sauce – I now only buy “threethrees” brand.


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